Marketing: Market Research

We were skeptical about the need to survey our customers.  But the insights that STRATiCOM generated uncovered critical gaps between our capabilities and what our client’s understood we could do.  STRATiCOM helped us with strategies and tactics that closed those gaps and directly impacted our brand awareness and sales.

- Bryan Burley, Vice President, Burley Foods

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Online Surveys, Phone Surveys, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews (IDIs), Comprehensive Secondary Research, Intercepts

STRATiCOM's consultants know how to match the best market research methods to match your objectives and budget.  


STRATiCOM is especially effective at providing market research hat helps companies grow.  If you're a Minnesota small business or startup business that thinks it can't afford market research, STRATiCOM works with you to find a solution that's effective and affordable.

Our "Overview of Market Research Options" is a valuable tool for Minnesota small business and startup business entrepreneurs looking for answers.   It helps clarify your thoughts, identifying the most effective approach to provide affordable insights.