STRATiCOM's Small Business Marketing and Startup Marketing strategies and tactics are tailored for your unique business - not a cookie cutter solution we give to all our clients.

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Often small business owners think they either can't afford professional marketing or try to do it themselves.  After meeting with us, Small Business and Startup Business entrepreneurs in Minnesota are surprised by the affordability and appreciate that our experience in small business marketing provides information and effectiveness they could never hope to achieve themselves. 

Many companies simply turn over their small business marketing reins to STRATiCOM, putting us on retainer as their outsource marketing department.


While we've worked with businesses across the country, Minnesota startup and small business owners are our focus.  Contact us today for a free marketing assessment, and see how our small business marketing solutions can help you reach your goals.  If you're with a larger corporation, find out why so many companies have hired STRATiCOM to implement their marketing projects.